Anno 2205

Anno 2205 Download (PC) Full Game + Crack Skidrow

Anno 2205 is the next installment of the renowned series of economic strategy games, and a direct sequel to Anno 2070. This time the developers from the Blue Byte studio are responsible for the production and they have made it their primary ambition to create the best city builder title on the market.

The action of the new Anno game takes place in the distant future, which means that we will be dealing with futuristic buildings and technologies. We play the role of an administrator for an emerging metropolis; it is our main task to create the city from the ground up and lead it and its citizens to prosperity, so that we may set off for space at a later time. It is of dire importance, that you explore the cosmos as soon as possible and gather the much needed resources, since Earth does not have an unlimited amount of supplies at its disposal and has been severely depleted by humans over the last few centuries.

Because of the mentioned novelties, the gameplay in Anno 2205 takes place on two different planes; we start off on the surface of our home planet and later on expand to the moon, where we establish a human colony. The inhabitants of Luna will collect resources for the rest of our civilization, which will then be transported and processed on the planet and used to expand our metropolis on the globe’s surface, as well as the colony on Earth’s natural satellite.

The developers have prepared a wide range of available structures, including both residential and industrial buildings, each of our facilities upgrades on its own over time; however, the Blue Byte studio has also made it possible for us to upgrade our constructions on our own account through adding various modules.


Name: Anno 2205 Full Game + Crack Skidrow
Genre: Strategy
Languages: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian​

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