Blackies Cheat codes, & Hack free Levels for Android

Blackies Cheat codes, & Hack free Levels for Android

Past the ordinariness of our reality live minor, textured animals called Blackies. They never surrender and are continually endeavoring to better themselves. They esteem intelligent intuition and shrewdness most importantly things.

The Blackies can simply discover room in their lives for a decent confuse. In a specific sense, the Blackies’ lives are a confound. Regardless of what they may think about, regardless of what they may fantasize about doing, they generally hold fast carefully to the tenets of their game:

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Lead #1: bounce over thy neighbor

Run #2: just a single Blackie might remain

Furthermore, every time they begin an game, the Blackies start carelessly jumping more than each other, each planning to be the person who will stay on the square with the banner.

Explaining one perplex after another, the Blackies build up their consistent capacities and enhance their aggregate keenness. Why do they have? Would they be able to have some sort of plan? It’s still hard to state, yet who knows what they may have as a primary concern?

Upgraded cheat-codes Blackies on Android and iOS:

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