Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK

Fans of the famous detective manga and anime series Case Closed should feel quite excited with this latest game from Bushiroad International. Now, you can freely enjoy playing as your favorite characters as you join each other in exciting gameplay of Case Closed Runner Race to the Truth. Follow Conan, Ran, Haibara, and many other iconic characters in their epic adventure. Find out more about this exciting game with our reviews.

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK Story

In Case Closed Runner Race to the Truth, players will join Conan and his friends in various challenges as the game take your through the past cases that was tacked but in a quite different fashion. Race to the finish line as you participate in a fun and relaxing running game, not the typical mind-twisting puzzles. If you like that kinds of game, you can check out our two recommended games, which are Human Fall Flat and Part Time UFO.

Back to the game, Case Closed Runner Race to the Truth will allow gamers to solve the mysteries and follow the storylines as you enjoy the thrill of running with Conan and his friends.

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
IOS&ANDROID DLL (update not required after install)

CLOUD STORAGE DLL (LOCAL dll, update required to last version)

ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD (update required)
Password: no password

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

For the Japanese anime fans and those who love the manga series

Fans of the series will definitely find this game exciting as they’ll have their chances to play the as their favorite characters in the series. Plus, the redesigned mini figures will make you fall in love with your characters right from the beginning.

On top of that, the game also features hand-drawn illustrations of all your favorite characters in the series. Unlock beautiful artworks as you progress into the game and be sure to expect for more as the game will come with new illustrations in the near future.

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK 2

Various characters with different skills

And apart from playing along with your favorite characters, you’ll find them having a lot of “superpowers” that will make your journey a lot simpler. Combine the right skillsets with different characters depending on the missions. You can also level up your characters to unlock more skills and abilities on them.

Take on the difficult cases in the past

Tackle the difficult cases back in the past as you travel to different areas on the map. Take on many exciting stages and acts as you follow the characters in their own stories. However, this time we’ll do them in a whole different fashion.

Enjoy the fun of the casual running game

Explore the fun and exciting casual running game in which you will only have to focus on heading forward. Getting through the obstacles as you collect more gold in your coffer, there will be no monsters or whatsoever to get in your way.

On top of that, there will be various boosts that you can collect to help you run faster and more effectively. Explore the interesting items as you rush through the terrains.

Complete achievements and challenges to earn prizes

Players can also take on the difficult but fun challenges and complete achievements to win valuable prizes for your characters. Collect a lot of them and you’ll be able to unlock more characters and new powers.

Participate in many events

In addition, the game also features many exciting events that players can participate whenever they want. Take on the challenges and collect valuable prizes from these events.

Simple controls and intuitive interfaces

Featuring a simple control with no buttons. All you have to do is tap on the screen to make your character jump since that’s all we need to do in this type of game. Long tap to make them jump higher and longer, double tap to perform a double jump. That’s all to it, but don’t think that the game will be easy since you’ll need to pay attention to the obstacles ahead.

In addition, players are also introduced to intuitive interfaces with organized and well-listed options. All it takes a few steps to start playing games, getting new purchases, and so on. Plus, the loading scenes are also relatively quick, allowing for smooth experiences.

  Format : .rar or exe, no password
  Filesize : found in download links bellow
Tips on how to set up Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK FREE :

1- Download using mirrors available, be sure to follow the instructions
2- Open .exe or .rar file and follow instructions
3- Install - Update is required after installation!



Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth 1.2.10 APK DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 1 (update required after install)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 2 (updated to last version)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 3 (updated to last version)
Password: no password

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