Grand Ages: Medieval

Grand Ages Medieval Download (PC) Full Game + Crack Skidrow

Grand Ages: Medieval is a 3D real-time medieval strategy game with economy elements, made by the Gaming Minds studio. The developer has multiple years of experience in creating RTS productions and has previously released such titles as Patrician IV, Port Royale 3 and Rise of Venice. It is worth mentioning that Grand Ages: Medieval is the sequel to Grand Ages: Rome, a title released in 2009 by the Haemimont Games studio.

During the adventure we are thrown into the world of medieval Europe; the action of the game begins in the year 1050. Most of the gameplay takes place on the giant map of the entire continent, as well as northern Africa and the Middle East. The player’s main task is to build a prosperous kingdom. There are about 50 technologies connected to economics and the army, along with 20 different kinds of resources, which can be gathered or purchased trough trade with the neighbors. The players can also build cities, chart new roads, set out trade routes and develop the infrastructure on their quest to create the strongest nation.

The growth of your kingdom does not have to take place in a peaceful manner, you have a number of different unit types at your disposal, ranging from archers, through infantry to cavalry. Apart from the possibility of an enemy invasion, there are also other threats to your civilization, such as earthquakes, droughts and plagues. The game features both the single and the multiplayer mode designed for up to 8 players.


Name: Grand Ages Medieval Full Game + Crack Skidrow
Genre: Strategy
File size: 3,68 GB
Languages: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian​

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