Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft)

Experience the ultimate surviving experiences in this enjoyable game from Kefir. Enjoy the classic RPG gameplay as you venture through the wasted lands, looking for survival and collecting resources to survive. Build your bases and protect yourself from the dangerous wilderness.

Join thousands of online gamers as you all caught in this massive online survival challenge. Fight against the corrupted souls that wandering the lands and find a way to escape this chaotic. Takedown zombies and predators as you engage in exciting combats.

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Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft) Story

The game takes place in a deserted land where a once-prosperous Imperial province used to exist. Now, the only things left are wandering undead and predators who’re hungry for human flesh. This all started after a disastrous plague was struck upon its people.

Many were turned into the half-human half-monster creatures whose only purpose is to hunt down the survivors and consume them, literally. On top of that, with no man inhabiting the villages, wild animals have taken over the lands and there are little left.

Being one of a few lucky survivors, your ultimate goal in Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft) is to try your best to survive the harsh lands. Scavenging the surrounding to look for available resources, take down monsters and predators that threat you, hunt down animals to feed yourself, and build up a formidable base so you can protect yourself when the nights come.

Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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On top of that, the game also features exciting online gameplay where gamers from all over the world can participate in this addictive surviving challenge. Team up with friends and build up your bases together. Play in groups and you may have better chances at surviving.

Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Create your own customizable characters

To start with, gamers in Grim Soul are introduced to the intuitive character customizations where you can create your own characters with unique features. Select your preferred genders, give your characters certain facial traits to make them look unique from the others, and so on. In addition, as you dive deeper into the actions, there will be much more customizations available.

Experience the classic RPG gameplay and more

Find yourself enjoying the addictive classic RPG gameplay with many exciting features in Grim Soul. Pick up your favorite weapons and essential equipment. Head out into the wild as you scavenging the lands for available resources. Takedown monsters and enemies as you earn experiences. Explore the useful crafting and building features to create awesome contraptions. You can do virtually anything in the world of Grim Soul.

Explore the useful crafting talents

And to increase your chances of surviving in this decaying world, besides collecting yourself multiple resources, gamers must also learn the art of crafting and construction. With these handy skills, you can easily create useful tools and items that can aid you during your journey.

Pick up your tools and sit on the workbenches as you begin to craft new tools and items. Feel free to design and customize your items to how you wanted. Produce fine pieces of armor to protect you from the enemies as well as sharp blades so you can take them down easily.

Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft)

Overcome the adversity as you rise above

The world that’s waiting outside the door is ruthless and unmerciful. So make sure you have your characters well-prepared before you head out. Life in the Plaguelands can easily consume you with solitary, hunger, nasty monsters, and cunning enemies.

The game will be your ultimate surviving challenge where you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to survive the tough lands. Be the master of your own fate as you conquer nature, take down your enemies, and learn to live in such a devastating world.

A massive map with many new lands to explore

The game introduces gamers to a massive map featuring multiple locations across the realm. Here, gamers can find themselves traveling every corner of the once-prospered empire before the impacts of the Grey Decay.

Travel to multiple locations from dark forests, dungeons, to peaceful cities and towns. Find yourself stuck between the internal conflicts between different factions as well as discovering all kinds of different secrets.

Build and strengthen your castle

And in such a chaotic world, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next, especially when the night comes. Since you can’t stay awake forever, it’s important that you could build up your formidable castle, from which you can defend the enemies’ attacks as well as other wild predators.

Make good uses of your building skills as you create all kind of contraptions in your bases and reinforce its defenses. In addition, it’s also required that you collect enough resources for further constructions if needed. You’ll never know what would come at you in the night.

Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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Grim Soul 2.7.0 (MOD Unlimited Craft) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 2 (updated to last version)
➥ Alternative mirror (updated link)
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