Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy)

Relive your dream as you join millions of other online gamers in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy). Play the game alongside your favorite characters in the world-famous sci-fi franchise, Star Wars. Join Grandmaster Yoda, Commander LukePrincess Leila, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and the likes in your ultimate adventure into the universe. Fight and conquer unknown lands to become the master of the galaxy.

The game features multiple characters from both the movies and all the games that were presented. Hence, you’ll have access to hundreds of different characters and heroes to choose from. Select the best one and build your ultimate squad with them.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy) Story

The game introduces gamers to the world of Holotable where gamers will battle each other using their collected heroes and villains from across the universe. Each hero and villain will appear in the form of a card. When you engage in battle, just insert the card into the Holotable and your character will automatically appear on the battlefield.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
IOS&ANDROID DLL (update not required after install)

CLOUD STORAGE DLL (LOCAL dll, update required to last version)

ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD (update required)
Password: no password

Gamers are allowed to have up to 5 different characters in their table. Each character has their own powers and abilities. This allows you to pick up multiple tactics and approaches with different character sets. The battles are fought in turn-based combats where each gamer will be given a certain time to commit their moves.

Choose your side and battle it out with other gamers. It’s either the Light Side or the Dark Side will take control of the whole universe.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy)

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy) Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Create your ultimate team of heroes and villains

To start with, gamers in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will have the chances to enjoy the game with their favorite characters from the series. That being said, you can choose to join the light and dark side team while collecting multiple heroes across the universe.

Depend on your strategies, you should pick ones that suit your team composition the most. Spend time working on your heroes so you might upgrade and power them up. With the right team, you can unlock powerful complementary abilities that can give you awesome boosts while in battles.

The game features up to 140 different characters from all ears in the Star Wars universe, together with hundreds of different units, gamers will have multiple tactics to approach.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy) 2

Master the hologame and dominate the galaxy

Find yourself enjoying this amazing Hologame as you take on multiple opponents from all the corners of the universe. Engage in epic team combats, improve your strategy and team powers to dominate your opponents. Defeat the toughest enemies across the universe to become the one and only champion in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

The game features multiple game modes where you can test your skills and abilities with gamers from all over the world. That being said, you can join the Squad Cantina Battles for a quick fight, the PvP Squad Area to fight actual gamers, and the Squad Tournaments to have access to awesome loots.

Explore the powers of our super champions

Along with the normal characters and units, the game also features a few super champions that everyone wants to have in their teams. That being said, these unique heroes comes with unstoppable and devastating attacks or skills that can completely change the tide of the battle. Find yourself having access to Like Skywalker’s Destined Strike or Darth Vader’s Force Crush, and so on. You can be the strongest commander in the entire universe.

Travel through the Star Wars universe

The game introduces gamers to the massive world in Star Wars, where you can travel through planets after the other. Find yourself in strange and exotic lands that have never been discovered before. Confronting some of the nastiest and deadliest enemies in the Star Wars universe.

  Format : .rar or exe, no password
  Filesize : found in download links bellow
Tips on how to set up Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy) FREE :

1- Download using mirrors available, be sure to follow the instructions
2- Open .exe or .rar file and follow instructions
3- Install - Update is required after installation!



Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes 0.19 (MOD Unlimited Energy) DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 1 (update required after install)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 2 (updated to last version)
➥ DOWNLOAD MIRROR 3 (updated to last version)
Password: no password

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