Tantan++ IPA Hack (Unlock VIP会员, VIP, See Who Liked Me) Download Latest Version

Tantan++ IPA Hack (Unlock VIP会员, VIP, See Who Liked Me) Download Latest Version

What is Tantan++ IPA?

Tantan++ is a modified version of the original Tantan app. It is a social dating app with a purpose to find new people and interact with them. Tantan++ is a location-based social search app. In this app all, you have to swipe right if you like the other user and swipe left if you dislike the other user and also match each other profiles and also offer individual chats, group chats voice and video calls and give an advantage to the users can find their perfect match. this app is China’s top dating app and also spreading in many countries.

Tantan++ and Tantan original app do the same work but Tantan++ offers unlimited features without any cost which you will not get in the original app. As we all know, this tweaked versions always gives us more. tantan premium is also like that, it offers you all amazing features that you cannot perceive in the original Tantan app. This modified version gives you all the premium features but free of cost. Everyone is aware of this thing that all premium versions always demand money to buy them and many people don’t want to spend their money on these dating apps but always wished to have that premium features. For these users, Tantan++ is here. This will offer you all the amazing and limitless features without any cost.

Tantan++ VIP Free:

Now one thing is rising in your mind, what tantan vip membership hack actually Is? To know this first we have to take a look at Tantan original app and after that, we will discuss tantan++ and its amazing functions. So, Tantan original is a location-based social search dating app. On July 2014 this app was first recognized. This is the leading cheese dating app and also spreading in many countries. Tantan is a new and interesting way of meeting people and making friends.

In this app, you will get promoted profiles on your device through location-based and distance based. If you like the user’s profile then swipe right and if you dislike the swipe left. If both the users like each others profiles then its a match and you can contact with each other. You will never get a message from unmatched people. Your chats are private and secure and you can even hide your profile from your contact list if you want to. tantan vip free offers us limited likes every day after those limited likes you cannot like other profiles. And it also offers a limited match.

To get its unlimited like and an unlimited match, Tantan offers its premium version which requires money. Tantan premium comes with many amazing features but first, you have to buy it with a huge amount. But you, not need to worry about this thing because here we are going to introduce about Tantan++ which is free of cost.

Now here we are going to talk about Tantan++. how to get tinder plus for free ios, This is known to be the modified and cracked version of the original one. Tantan also works in a modified way, as its name show plus plus which means it offers double and additional functions. Yes! it offers us many additional features which original one is not able to.and this is free of cost. Tantan++ amazing thing is this it offers you all the premium features but free of cost. We all know original Tantan app offers us very limited features which means we have assigned likes after those limited likes we cannot go for more which also means restricted matches and all this lead to limited use of the app.

Tantan ++ is a limitless app which grants you many more features like limitless likes and limitless match and also the more usage of the app and the most important its app for free. We all know this cracked version demands the jailbreak device or another device like pc and laptop to install this. But Now you can easily install it on your device without a jailbreak. If you are confused with you match and stuck what to talk? this app also offers you a question game, The ice break!this feature is an amazing one. You just have to ask 10 questions to know your match.

Download File Information:

File Name Tantan++ HACK
File Size 60.1 MB
Languages Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Compatibility Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple TV.
Cost 100% Free
Hack Mod
  • VIP会员$1.99
  • VIP$4.49
  • See Who Liked Me

How to use:

Build your profile:

The first step to use this dating app is you have to create your profile by connecting it with Facebook or Instagram. Now you can upload pictures of your choice and you can also give some information about you so you can good match.

Swipe game: 

 Now its time to swipe the recommended profiles which are location-based.swiping right means you liked the user swiping to left means you disliked the user. It’s all up to your choice.

Match time:  

When two users like each other pictures then it became a match! This is the super moment. When this match happens you will get the notification and you will go for further things.

Conversation course:

After the match its time to connect with them by having a conversation. This leads to knowing each other in a better way. you can even video call each other. If you are feeling awkward to messaging first, then Tantan++ offers you ice break feature. You just have to ask 10 questions to know your match and to start a conversation.

📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

Features of Tantan++ VIP Free:

  • Tantan++ offers you instant match after liking each other pictures.
  • Tantan++ offers text, voice, send pictures and videos without any limitation.
  • Tantan++ is a virus-free app
  •  Tantan++boost your  normal Tinder Account
  • Tantan++ helps to meed your special one.
  • Tantan++ is free of cost.
  • Tantan++ offers unlimited match
  • Tantan++ offers unlimited Super Likes
  • There are no Restrictions is Tantan++
  • Tantan++ have free Passport Swipe.
  • Tantan++ is safe to use.
  • Tantan++ don’t require the jailbreak.
  • It offers all Tantan premium features without any cost.
  • Tantan++ also offers you ice break feature(question game).

How Tantan++ IPA is better then Tantan? 

  1. Tantan++ contain extra unlimited feature rather than original Tantan.
  2. Tantan++ is free of cost whereas tartan premium requires money for the same features.
  3. Tantan++ offers us unlimited likes but in original Tantan, we get limited likes.
  4. Tantan++ offers unlimited match whereas Tantan doesn’t.
  5. Tantan++ have Free Passport Swipe
  6. Tantan++ Boost your account to top free of cost.
  7. Tantan++ is restriction-free whereas Tantan contains many restrictions.
  8. Tantan++ is free of add whereas Tantan annoys you with ads.
  9. Tantan++ offers you unlimited likes and match whereas Tantan doesn’t.
  10. Tantan++ is modified version whereas Tantan is a normal one.

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